Strategic Road Map v Strategic Plan

If you are any of the above type organisations, a strategic road map may be more suitable than an entire strategic plan.

Strategic Plans are a necessary guide towards overarching success, but typically, a strategic plan can cost 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. They are a very large document that takes many, many hours to develop; they are extremely in depth.

A strategic road map is a resource that targets specific goals that ultimately aim to enhance the success of your overall organisational objectives.

For example, your organisation may:

  • want to re-brand or create unique social, viral video content
  • require a marketing plan
  • offer a new and unique fund raiser to your members and friends,
  • need to focus on member retention/recruitment
  • want to develop a “pathway” program
  • require a media strategy or expertly written media releases
  • want to source sponsorship or funding/grants
  • need to re-imagine competitions/events/conferences,
  • have to develop a volunteer/website/privacy policy

A strategic road map can focus on one, several or all objectives, depending on factors that could include budget constraints, human resources and time. A strategic road map is the resource that will get your organisation to where it wants to be, without the expense and overwhelming time required to develop and implement an entire strategic plan.

Our suggestion: firstly, what is your vision? Know this, and then decide which road map will get you started towards overall success!

Benefits of a Strategic Road Map

  • Efficient document that focuses on a specific objective(s)
  • Deliverable in a timely manner
  • More affordable than a full strategic plan
  • Can be produced at high level, or with particular staff/committees/members